Maybe the first question you should ask is: What is with this "dramagirl" thing? You're not exactly a spring chicken, Honey. And you'd be right about that. Actually, *dramagirl" is one of the first noms de web I came up with, maybe a quarter century ago or more, before there even *was* a web. When I decided to make a theatre blog, I jokingly resurrected it, expecting to abandon it; then it sort of grew on me. I put "Chicago" in it for two reasons: first because we're all about this region, and second...well, to be honest, there is someone (probably much younger than I) who already had claimed plain old "dramagirl."

I originally toyed with the notion of being a pseudonymous critic but decided that was silly. Besides, knowing who we are will help readers to relate more to our reviews and opinions. And that's not the royal "we": I've invited others to join me. One person isn't going to make much dent in the vast Chicago theatre world. So here we are,, ready to do what we can to add to your enjoyment of theatre. I hope you like what we bring you.

Karen Topham aka chicagodramagirl                                                                        

Karen Topham aka chicagodramagirl : Owner/Critic; Member ATCA

Karen Topham aka chicagodramagirl

Owner/Critic; Member ATCA

I have a long history with Chicago, having graduated from Northwestern in 1978 with a BA in English (with some theatre thrown in for fun) and a year later again with a Masters in Teaching. I also have a Masters in Directing from Roosevelt, and I taught high school English, Creative Writing, and Drama around here for almost four decades. During that time, I spent 23 years coaching forensics and directed 37 plays: I’ve been breathing the stage for a long, long time. I've also written four novels that silly agents don't think are worth publishing and I am a member of the American Theatre Critics Association. Oh, and I was the first transgender teacher to transition in place in America, which was a hoot. No wonder I needed to retire. Now I wish to immerse myself in the footlights in one way or another, and that passion, together with my experience as both a director and an English teacher, led me to start this site. When not watching plays (or spending hours driving to the city to do so), I hang out with my husband or my cats, or I talk to my grown children. Or I read or write; yeah, there’s still that... ; @chidramagirl

Beverly Friend : Critic; Member ATCA

Beverly Friend

Critic; Member ATCA

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a BS in English (1956) and Northwestern University with a PHD (1976), I have been reviewing plays for the past 20 plus years for Pioneer Press, the Lerner Newspapers and, and am a member of the American Theater Critics Association. I am a retired professor of English and Journalism at Oakton Community College. My 1975 doctoral dissertation was "The Science Fiction Fan Cult," and I was both a book reviewer and science fiction critic for the Chicago Daily News. Sixty-five years after the shock of being told "There are no girls in the marching band" at the University of Wisconsin, I have returned to my love of drumming as a percussionist with the North Shore New Horizons band.

Bradley Laas : Critic-at-large

Bradley Laas


Bradley Laas is currently pursuing his B.A. in one form or another of the liberal arts at DePaul University. His most recent majors include Theater, Religion, Philosophy, and Political Science. The only thing consistent in his life is his love for theater. He is beyond thankful his dear friend Karen Topham reached out with this opportunity.

Jason Rusch : Critic-at-large

Jason Rusch


Jason Phoebe Rusch has an MFA in fiction from the University of Michigan. His stories, poems and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight and Vice, among others. More of his writing can be found at

Mark Osing :

Mark Osing

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