Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What gives with the "girl" thing? Aren't people who identify as male welcome here?
    • As it happens they are very welcome. There isn't a lot of theatre for women only. 🙂 Seriously, the "drama girl" thing is just a lark, as I explained in "Who We Are": it's an old username I dredged up. And it's me, anyway; it has nothing to do with readers. We hope we get lots of guys. (Wait: my husband would like me to take another look at that phrasing...)
  • Want to take another shot at helping us at to understand your rating system?
    • It's slightly more complicated than "thumbs up or down," but only slightly. RED LIGHT means we don't recommend the play. GREEN LIGHT means we do, enthusiastically. YELLOW LIGHT means it may be recommended (though with less vigor) or not; the review will explain; it denotes a play that is neither superb nor really weak.
  • When will you guys have your own complete lists of current and upcoming shows?
    • We're getting there. Building it as we go along, and we think it will turn out well. (Take a look; it's in the menu now.) But, yeah, this one will take awhile. That will be a list of perhaps a thousand plays over the course of a year; we're building one, but it isn't easy even to figure out the right format for it so that it auto-updates (especially when you don't know html).
  • Why should I read your reviews instead of others?
    • Don't. Read them in addition to others. I always think it's a good idea to find a few good reviewers you can trust and read what they have to say. I hope we can be that for you.
  • Why do you have only have 10 15 20 25 30 reviews on your site?
    • Well, we just started. We went live on 10/4/17. It will take time to build the kind of review archives that sites that have been going for years can claim, though we feel we are proceeding at a major clip. Give us time.
  • Why do out of town reviews? Isn’t this a CHICAGO site?
    • Why, yes it is. Are you a Chicagoan? Do you ever travel? We do out of town reviews for three reasons:
      • Because Chicagoans travel
      • Because there is great theatre everywhere
      • Because this blog can be read anywhere
  • Are you just using this page to explain stuff you don't have anywhere else to explain?
    • Isn't that what an FAQ page is for?
  • What plays are you seeing this month?
  1. More will be added as they are scheduled.