How to Tell a War Story: Taking a Son to See Griffin Theatre’s Compelling “Ghosts of War” and “Letters Home”

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By Joe De Rosa Last Saturday, I took my thirteen-year-old son to see Ghosts of War and Letters Home, two plays produced by the Griffin Theatre company in rotating repertory at the Den Theatre. I know taking a middle-school boy to a pair of shows that aren’t exactly young adult theater might seem like kind […]

“An Enemy of the People” and “Smart People”: Free Speech Gone Awry

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Watching Writers Theatre’s Smart People and the Goodman’s An Enemy of the People back to back this weekend, I was struck by how much these dissimilar plays have in common. Written over 130 years apart and dealing with very different topics (Lydia Diamond’s Smart People focuses on race and Henrik Ibsen’s Enemy is about the environment and government corruption), there is […]

Cincinnati OnStage: 4 Plays Reveal Depth of Queen City Theatre Community

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by Aaron Krause, American Theatre Critics Association member With reviews of Othello, Red Velvet, Kill Move Paradise, and Be Here Now Theater and history buffs have a rare chance in Cincinnati to witness Shakespeare like they’ve never experienced in school. Chances are, you never studied Othello in the modern, painfully-timely manner Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (CSC) is presenting the Bard’s tragedy. […]

Theatre Person of the Month: Delia Kropp

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“I was kind of upset. You could tell there was not a transgender person within twenty yards of the rehearsal room” Delia Kropp, one of Chicago’s preeminent transgender actors and advocates, is speaking of theatres trying to tell trans stories without actually consulting trans people. “What the directors usually say is ‘I have a friend […]

Harmony France and Firebrand Theatre Are Out to Make a Change

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A firebrand is, according to’s dictionary, a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action. goes further, adding “agitator” and “troublemaker” to the definition. Somehow I don’t think that any of these would be offensive to Harmony France, co-founder and Artistic Director of Firebrand Theatre, Chicago’s only Equity […]