Steppenwolf’s Hilarious BLKS Is All About Friendship

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“There’s something intrinsic about a couch in black culture,” Aziza Barnes, the author of BLKS, the hilarious and often powerful play about being young, female, and black, says in an interview published in the play’s program. “It’s like a porch for city dwellers…It’s really evocative of a pioneer life and what matters and what mattered was a place that you or anyone could […]

“Twelfth Night” Is Shakespeare for Everyone

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Review by Bradley Laas Midsummer Flight’s holiday production managed to be even more enticing and wondrous than the ‘theater’ it was performed in. The production, Twelfth Night, did what most millennials, like myself, would deem impossible: make Shakespeare understandable and enjoyable. The actors also somehow kept my short attention span even in the gorgeous Show […]