What We’ll Do

#1 Mission: We review plays!

Of course this is the first and foremost thing we will be doing here, with the numbers growing steadily as we add new reviewers. Our reviewing policy is simple: we discuss what is on the page and what is on the stage. Occasionally, we delve into the dramaturgical background if it’s important, but we try as much as possible to stick to script and production because we feel that is what matters most to you, the public.

We Provide a Playwright Group

We have created a specific part of our site for aspiring playwrights to share brief samples of their works in progress for feedback from other aspiring playwrights (and, who knows? even some published ones).

Playwrights’ Group is located in the top menu under Who We Are/What We’ll Do.

We Provide Want Ads

Do you or your company have any needs, either urgent or less so? Are you writing the libretto for a musical but you desperately need a composer to do the music? Did your stage manager quit three weeks before the show? Send us your needs and we will post them here for you.

Wants Ads are located in the top menu under Who We Are/What We’ll Do.

We Accept Requests

If the media is ignoring you, let us know! We’ll do our best to review your show. (No promises, but we will try.)

We’ll Share Your Stories

If you’ve got fun, compelling, or otherwise interesting backstage stories, share them with us and we’ll share them with the theatre community.

We’ll Let You Know What’s Going On Elsewhere

With NationOnStage, we’ll publish occasional original reviews and stories as well as links to others’ pieces about theatre in New York, LA, and Florida (and wherever our reviewers happen to travel).