Northlight’s “Book of Will” a Hilarious and Poignant Look at History

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  Any lit major, actor, director or English teacher—and I’m four for four in that count—will tell you without a moment’s hesitation that the most important literary figure in Western history is the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, a man we don’t know all that much about but whose legacy includes some 39 plays, 154 […]

Redtwist’s “Saw My Neighbor” a Hilarious Study of Dysfunction

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The Bunkers. The Ewings. The Bluths. The Lannisters. The Sopranos. America is fascinated by dysfunctional families; our television screens are full of them. Sometimes, as in the brutal Lannisters, the dysfunction creates drama; often, though, we find ourselves laughing at it. When we see the Peter Griffin or Nancy Botwin or Homer Simpson messing up […]

Citadel’s “Ghostly Spirits”: An Enjoyable Musical “Christmas Carol”

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In a theatrical world overflowing every year with what seem like hundreds of varying takes on Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, perhaps the first question one must ask upon hearing that Citadel Theatre commissioned a brand new one to add to the pile is, “Why?” But then you hear that it’s a musical and that […]

Take an Axe to Other Plans and Go See Firebrand Theatre’s “Lizzie”

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Lizzie, a musical by Tim Maner, Alan Stevens Hewitt, and Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, is a taut, perfectly structured play in the mode of Sweeney Todd or Jekyll and Hyde: a dark, bloody story with a thrilling score and such inventive stagecraft that it makes for an electrifying night at the theatre. The production by brand new Firebrand Theatre, making its […]

FL Review: Dream Cast Hits Just the Right Notes in Dreamgirls

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If a critic were limited to just one word to describe a performance, the word for Dream Girls would be POWERFUL! What an amazing musical, dazzling cast, vivid costumes, smooth transitions and outstanding performance. Stage Door, a small, 350-seat theater, rarely disappoints. Of course, the R&B music is vivid and catchy — that is to […]